Sunday, October 25, 2009

International Ring Size Chart

Here is a very useful conversion chart for ring sizes.
And my new Hummingbird Nest on the Sun Freeform Crochet Ring

Once upon a time, there was a little Hummingbird who loves the sunshine and decided to create a dream come true. This tiny bird builded his nest on the warmest place on earth, on the sun. "This way my family will have the a cozy place to stay forever", he thought, since then you can always see the humminbirds flying around the sun, specially when the day is sunny...:)

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Humminbirg Nest on the Sun Freeform crochet ring.

Turquoise and red acrylic yarn
Yellow Cotton thread
Round Turquoise beads

Ring Size:
Approx. Size US 7
For conversion chart please visit:

Care Instructions:
Hand wash with mild detergent in cold water.
Dry flat.
Free tissue paper wrapping with any order.
If this is a gift, let me know and I can add a special note for you and package it accordingly.

An Ana Diaz Arte Original.

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