Monday, October 5, 2009

De Sirenas / Just for Mermaids- Crochet Silk and Swarovski Crystals Choker Necklace/ FREE SHIPPING

De Sirenas design is a special choker just for mermaids!, the lovely colors will make you dream with a wonderful paradise, maybe a remote island or crystal waters where you can get lost yourself.The elegant silk thread, silk chiffon and Swarovski will add a femenine touch to your outfit too.This creation has a lot of details and all of it is hand-done. It's crocheted from 45 yards (40 metres) of 100% handpainted high quality silk thread, in shades of aquamarine, violet, and greens, handmade with great care and love. The flower application is 100% silk fabric mermaid ribbon, hand-dye in teal blue, the paint is ecologically responsible, non-toxic and safe, I added a small crystal at the center of the flower. I crocheted 3 clear Swarovski Crystals on the back for closure, finally I added the very soft velvety crinkle "rag" chiffon silk in aquamarine and green with the blue mermaid flower as a focal point.

This item ships free!

Happy Swimming!

I recommend you treat this choker as you would any fine silk garment. It can be gently hand washed and air dried. Do not dry in direct sunlight

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